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Team X Performing



Are you passionate about dance? Do you love to perform? Then we want YOU on Team X!  


WHO IS TEAM X FOR?  We want a team of dancers who are passionate about performing, we want dancers who NEED to dance, dancers who desire to reach out of their comfort zone and get excited about doing something unique and different.  Does this sound like you?  Team X requires commitment, dedication, perseverance, patience, love, kindness, and care for your fellow teammates. These are the qualities that we want to see in a Team X member.  If you feel you are ready to take your dancing to the next level, then we want YOU to audition! 


Team X membership will be a season of sacrifice, hard work, and excellent attendance to your core classes and rehearsals.  We want you and your dancer to make an informed decision before auditioning.

 At Expressions we give the "Dance is my sport" type an outlet to perform multiple times through our competitive Team X program.  Please come to the front desk to pick up a packet and learn more.

Team x 2024-2025 results are in!

Thank you for auditioning

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